Learn SEO From Beginners To Professionals

LEARNING SEO  – Having a website that is constantly flooded with  passive traffic  is the dream of many people. I’m sure you want that too.

Passive traffic  is  traffic  that continuously comes in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, including when you are on a date (with a halal partner) and traveling.

The only way to be able to get  passive traffic  that I know to this day is only using an SEO strategy.

That’s why learning SEO is very important for you to do. And will become mandatory when you are at one of the points below:

  1. Have a business website
  2. Want to maximize online marketing
  3. Owners of services or services who want to continue to receive orders.
  4. Have an online shop
  5. Want to build a personal brand
  6. Selling digital products
  7. etc

Even if (forcedly) you don’t have time to run an SEO strategy, at least you have to understand the basics. Which later you can pay people to work on SEO strategies, as I do now.

Why is Learning SEO So Important?

If a product has quality, then a buyer also has quality. There are prospective buyers who do PHP, there are buyers who immediately ask for the account number and make the transfer on the same day.

What is the reason for that? The answer is where potential buyers get your contact info.

Learning SEO

Search engines can provide highly qualified visitors, because long before they see your product or offer, they already have 70% intention to make a transaction. They are ready for the money, they already have some product-related information.

Their souls and minds are already at the stage where they feel they own the product. When they see an attractive offer page, they will make the transaction blindfolded (meaning without thinking).

Learning SEO is Easy

If you come across a lot of “terrible” terms on forums or communities, and you’re getting really frustrated with them, then you’re at the right place now.

Here I will teach things that are easy to understand, because actually learning SEO does not require a lot of  logic , there are not many types of  to do lists  that you have to do. SEO only asks for consistency from you.

The logic  isn’t much but it becomes something that  loops  (repeated). the challenge is, can you be consistent with something that  loops  ? Because most people are satisfied with their  comfort zone , they usually don’t like things that are  looping .

I will divide the material into 5 basic modules.

  1. Basic SEO: What is SEO?
  2. Keyword Quality Research & Competitors
  3. Onpage SEO: Creating Quality Content
  4. Offpage SEO: Creating Quality Backlinks
  5. Evaluation, Evaluation and Evaluation

There are so many things in SEO that if you do it, your website will not be good in the long run. Such as building links en masse, creating pages (pages) sporadically (using machines, all auto, etc.), and other things that are currently being sought by many new students.

Maybe what is in the minds of new learners (which could be one of you), SEO is something that is pitch black, requires   programming skills , requires special techniques, and can only be done by certain people.

That’s not the case though.

In this lesson I will not teach things that actually have the potential to harm yourself, such as the things I just mentioned above.

Take your time to read the following material in its entirety. Intend what you are doing as a long-term investment.

Set aside a minimum of 1 hour for each module. God willing, all day can be finished for you to read. Don’t forget to read again at another time (repeating the material) so that your understanding of SEO is getting better.

  1. MODULE 1 –  What is SEO?
  2. MODULE 2 –  Keyword & Competitor Quality Research
  3. MODULE 3 –  Onpage SEO, What to Look For
  4. MODULE 4 –  Creating Quality Backlinks
  5. MODULE 5 – Evaluate, Evaluate and Evaluation

Another Alternative To Learn SEO

Besides I’ve made the module above, it’s a good idea to also study guides from many other places, such as the following websites:

  1. Mastahseo
  2. Panduanim
  3. Backlinko
  4. Neil Patel

Learn to rank easy keywords first. Usually location-based keywords are easy to conquer, especially in areas that are still not very internet literate.

There are few seekers, but also few players, which if you start first, God willing, you will rank and serve orders very quickly.

Have a good study.