Cheap city trips: 10 short trips for a small budget

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Cheap city trips: 10 short trips for a small budget

The desire for relaxation is great, but the budget is rather small? We have put together 10 inexpensive short trips for you!

Spontaneously gone, but short of money? If you still want to spend a few relaxing days away from home, we have put together 10 exciting – and above all inexpensive – short trips!

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1. Prague , Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic is particularly popular with its positively old-fashioned charm. In and around Prague historical films were and are regularly made and anyone walking along the cobbled streets between the several centuries-old buildings can actually get the feeling of being whisked back into earlier eras. Above all in Prague’s old town, but also in the other districts, there is plenty to see and discover, from the Prague Castle to the Museum of Applied Arts and the Prague City Hall Clock. By the way, if you are drawn to the Middle Ages, you can go to the restaurant U Sàdlu to eat cheaply and well in a suitable atmosphere.

Here you will find an overview of all the main attractions of the city: The top 10 sights in Prague

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2. Amsterdam , Netherlands

The Dutch water city of Amsterdam is not without good reason also called the Venice of the North. In the canal belt of the city, water veins alternate with strips of land that are connected by bridges and thus create a truly unique landscape. If you are looking for relaxation by the water or have always wanted to live in a houseboat, this is the place for you!

And don’t forget to check out all of the top attractions: The top 13 sights in Amsterdam .

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3. Roma , Italy

Even those who have never been to Rome inevitably think of the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Sistine Chapel when they think of the city. Rome is not only the center of Christianity, but as the former center of the Roman Empire and thus one of the most historic cities in the world. Whether you want to get to know the impressive culture of the Romans better, are interested in architecture and the fine arts of those and modern times or if you want to indulge in typical Italian culinary delights, above all good Italian wine, Rome makes it possible.

And here you will find the top 10 sights in Rome .

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4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh in the south of Scotland is ideal for those who would like to venture into the world of the supernatural, as the city is said to be teeming with ghosts and other creepy characters. Every day interested visitors can attend tours to the haunted South Bridge Vaults or to equally cursed cemeteries or take city tours to hear about all the dishonest things that are said to have happened here over the centuries. Those who prefer to stick with purely fictional magical creatures can also take a look at the buildings that author JK Rowling inspired for Harry Potter’s magic school Hogwarts, or in one of Rowling’s coffeehouses, the Elephant House, for a leisurely drink and tea leave his own greeting to JK.

Just a short weekend in Scotland? Then we have the best tips here: In 24 hours: A weekend in Edinburgh .

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5. Barcelona , Spain

From gloomy Scotland to the sunnier south, more precisely to Barcelona. On the Spanish east coast you can still spend a few nice days by the sea at the end of the year and fill your stomach with freshly caught fish and delicious paella. The relaxed atmosphere of the city and its residents is ideal for leaving the stress behind you a little before winter sets in. The best thing to do is to look for accommodation directly on the beach so that you can combine a city trip with a beach holiday.

Even more cities with beaches: sun, city and sea: 5 cities with beaches .

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6. London , England

There is always something going on in England’s multicultural metropolis, London. Those who go on holiday here have to reckon with slightly higher costs than in other of our tips, but they also get a lot on offer – many of them even completely free ( see our article here ). There are sights for every taste on almost every corner, from the British Museum with its huge exhibition, to historical locations such as the Tower or Buckingham Palace, to extraordinary shopping opportunities, such as Camden Market. A little tip for cheap living: Those who stay a little outside the city, for example around Harrow on the Hill or Watford, can still get to the center comfortably by train, but save a lot of money.

Tips for a cheap trip to the British capital: Cheap vacation in London: 10 free activities .

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7. Budapest , Hungary

Hungarian Budapest originally consisted of three places, Buda (oven), Pest (oven) and Obuda (old oven), which were merged into a single city at the end of the 19th century. The metropolis on the Danube is known as a cultural center, especially for painters and musicians, and also impresses with its beautiful architecture, such as the castle palace, the state opera or the parliament building.

You should definitely do this in the Hungarian capital: Top 10 things to do in Budapest .

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8. Stockholm , Sweden

Anyone who loves museums and art is in the right place in Stockholm. With around 100 museums from the fields of art, history, science and society, the Swedish capital is one of the largest museum centers in the world. The most famous of his exhibitions is in the National Museum and contains around 16,000 paintings and 30,000 other hand-made art objects by well-known artists such as Rembrandt and Gustav Vasa. Apart from the collections, there is also a lot to be admired in Stockholm: thanks to the city’s location on the Baltic Sea, Stockholm also offers relaxing coastal areas where you can take long walks on the beach, and those who want to get their money’s worth with culinary delights should definitely visit the local one Try the specialty lutefisk.

Don’t miss the following attractions on your city trip: Top 10 sights in Stockholm .

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9. Vienna , Austria

Austria’s beautiful capital is practically just around the corner and yet it has so much to offer. Vienna is not only known for its delicious cuisine (from Wiener Schnitzel to boiled beef up to Sachertorte and apple strudel), but also offers the full range when it comes to culture: in numerous museums, opera, musicals and theaters as well as in the many historic buildings of the City every hobby historian or art lover gets his money’s worth. Meanwhile, those looking for relaxation can take a leisurely stroll through one of the city’s wonderful parks, stroll along the Danube Island or perhaps even take a boat trip on the river itself. If you want to travel cheaply at all, our Vienna free article here is recommended!

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10. Dublin , Ireland

Ireland is best known for its deep green landscapes and the incredibly beautiful coastline and can be easily explored with a rental car . Dublin combines this naturally impressive flair with the atmosphere of a big city and has a lot to offer in this regard: from a number of interesting cultural sights such as Dublin Castle or St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which are worth visiting, to walks in green parklands , to picnics on the beach, everything a holidaymaker’s heart desires awaits visitors here – and if you want, you can spread a little mysticism over everything and listen to stories about mythical and magical creatures during special tours, even in Irish Gaelic on request.

The vacation time is certain, now you just have to wait until the prices for the flight tickets are particularly cheap? Here we help you to find the best time to book : The best time to book flights? We have the answer!

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