IDE: Having a Brochure Capital Business

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IDE: Having a Brochure Capital Business

Here it is, a simple and cool business idea ! In fact, you could say this is a business solution without capital.

Most people, if they don’t have money for business, are confused about finding capital. If there is money, you are confused about what business to start. Well, this is the obstacle to being an entrepreneur , eh challenge …

Well, this is an out of the box solution , dare to take action first, and the business capital is relatively small. What is that?

… Business capital brochures!

For example: the business of custom t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, painting shoes, screen printing, etc.


  1. Collaborate with manufacturers of screen printing shirts, jumpers, jackets, school uniforms, soccer shirts.
  2. Brochure design 1/3 F4 (folio), print 1 RIM in one color (here the cost of printing 1 ream 1 color is only 60 thousand). 1 ream = 500 sheets of F4 paper, because the size is 1/3 F4, then with 60 thousand we get 1500 brochures.
  3. This is most important: in the brochure make interesting sentences, for example: MAY MAKE / ORDER ONLY ONE, or the price is attractive, or other creativity that stimulates people to want to make and contact us.
  4. Every morning, distribute the flyers to schools, junior high or high schools and to communities such as the car community, the RC car community, the neighborhood community and so on.
  5. Wait for the order….

The following is an illustration of a person distributing brochures.

So it’s not the time to be confused about what business and how to do it?

Capital is important, however…. idea is more important.

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