What is SEO?

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization , a strategy used to get an attractive position on the first page of search engines.

Now Google controls 70% of search engines. Therefore, it’s okay if from this material onwards I only mention the name Google when talking about search engines.

Each Google page displays a list of 10 websites.

You are currently reading the  first  of  five SEO  modules  .

  1. MODULE 1 –  What is SEO?  (You are currently reading)
  2. MODULE 2 –  Keyword & Competitor Quality Research
  3. MODULE 3 –  Onpage SEO, What to Look For
  4. MODULE 4 –  Creating Quality Backlinks
  5. MODULE 5 –  Evaluation, Evaluation and Evaluation

From the 10 lists that appear, they have themes that are relevant to the keywords or keywords you type on Google.

The question is, how does Google rank the website’s position on the  Search Engine Result Page  ( SERP )? Why can the results be so relevant and in accordance with what we want?

Google is a service. As a company, Google wants to provide the best for its users, so Google creates various algorithms so that search results can be  relevant  and  quality .

That is, if you want to get a good position on the first page of Google, then you have to create content that is relevant to keywords. Not only that, the content you create must be quality content.

Create relevant and quality content.

Furthermore, the definition of  relevant  and  quality  must be harmonized with the definition owned by Google. Because if you have a different definition from Google, your efforts will be in vain.

However, an explanation of the definition of relevant and quality will be discussed in a special MODULE. Just be patient and enjoy the learning process.

How Important Is SEO For Your Website?

Data from searchenginewatch.com says that 9 out of 10 people who open the internet, use search engines as part of their online activities. And as I wrote above that 70% of search engine users are controlled by Google.

Well , you’re smart enough to read light data like the one above, right?

Below is an infographic of search engine user data.

Search Engine User Infographics

When your website occupies the top 3 positions on Google, the potential for your website to be opened reaches 70%. Here’s an illustration of how to read its potential:

  1. Find out how big the search for the keyword we want. Can use the help of Google Keyword Planner (discussed in the keyword research MODULE). The unit that Google Keyword Planner uses is monthly searches.
  2. Monthly search potential x 70%

As an example:

  1. The keyword “selling packaging” is searched by 2,000 people every month.
  2. Your website is already on the first page of Google position 2.
  3. Then 2,000 x 70% is 1,400
  4. 1,400 is the potential click that you can get every month.

Remember that visitors who come through Google are highly qualified visitors. As I have written before.

Search engines can provide highly qualified visitors, because long before they see your product or offer, they already have 70% intention to make a transaction. They are ready for the money, they already have some product-related information.

Their souls and minds are already at the stage where they feel they own the product. When they see an attractive offer page, they will make the transaction blindfolded (meaning without thinking).

Let’s say that from 1,400 visitors who come, the conversion is only 20% (remember that visitors from Google are very qualified, the number 20% is a small number), then you will have 280 transactions in 1 month.

Is the number 280 transactions a low number? Yes, if you sell “small products”. Please read the Small Traffic Big Income material   to add insight and open your mindset.

Have you got an idea of ​​how important SEO is for your business website?

Oh yes, in addition, SEO is a very cheap marketing strategy. No recurring marketing costs. Once your website is perched on page 1, then your website can last a very long time.

How Google and SEO Work

Yes, I have also written above that Google is responsible for its users to display relevant and quality websites.

Google has an algorithm. It is this algorithm that works as a sophisticated system so that users can be very spoiled by Google.

SEO is closely related to how the Google algorithm works. For that, you also have to understand how this algorithm works.

Following are the things the Google algorithm does.

  1. Reads the number of words on a page (content).
  2. Reading images on a page (content).
  3. See internal links.
  4. See outbound links.
  5. Read backlinks.

I will discuss the points above in the next MODULE, but it never hurts for you to read this material; 8 Ways to Make Articles Google Friendly and Comfortable for Humans .

That’s roughly how Google’s algorithm and SEO work.

SEO Can Be Done By Everyone

Don’t  underestimate  yourself. Whoever you are, newcomers, don’t understand, confused with terms, feeling unsure. you can still get a good position on the first page of Google.

Not infrequently people who do not understand the concept of SEO but can win on the first page.

Why is that so?

Because Google’s algorithm is made to read patterns made by bloggers, writers, and websites that don’t understand SEO at all. Something natural.

What does it mean?

Just watch how a real blogger writes content. What is usually in the content they write? Definitely not far from the 5 points I have written above.

Notice how they create internal links, create outbound links, load images, and really maintain quality. It is because of this quality that their website is widely read by people, viral, gets natural backlinks (created by other people).

But of course, SEO results will be maximized when it is done by you who understand the concept and the right way of working. You will also know all the processes in a measurable manner until they are finally successful.

How Difficult is SEO?

There are so many agencies, companies, and individuals out there that offer SEO services. It makes you have the assumption that SEO is something foreign and impossible for you to do yourself.

The fact is not so. It is very possible for your  single fighter  to conquer the first page of Google.

SEO is not as difficult as you might think. Just complete the material in the 5 MODULE of this SEO discussion, God willing, you can do it all by yourself.

The condition is that you want to be  patient  and ready to be  consistent .

In the next material you will learn a lot about simple technicalities that you can make   as a daily activity as someone who wants to be serious about running an online business.

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