Important Points That Must Be There When Evaluating SEO Performance

Any activity you do must have  things to do  and clear targets. Moreover, activities whose evaluation process is not carried out by others but by ourselves.

Are we mentally ready or not to be consistent with the commitments we have made and hold on to ourselves?

You are currently reading the  last  of the  five SEO study  material modules  .

For me, this is mandatory because I don’t want to work carelessly, arbitrarily, which ends up wasting a lot of time. Although it is not demanded responsibility by others.

My advice is that you make some of these points mandatory when you evaluate the work of an SEO-based online business.

1. Check Keyword Position on Google

If you are diligent optimize keywords on Google, then you must be wondering  right  content that already exists on the website you were in the position of what exactly?

OK, I used to ask the same thing. And the funny thing is, I did those checks manually. If you’re still doing that silly way, it’s time to change!

Let’s study together. There are several ways you can do it.

A. Connect to Google Analytics and Search Console

A pretty good way for you to do this is to ask Google Analytics and Search Console for help. You can only use this to see the position of your own website, not competitors’ websites.

The trick, you already have to connect your website with Search Console. Please follow this guide to connect your website to  Google Analytics  and  Search Console .

Once connected, Google should still collect data within a few hours. Think of it as 2×24 hours. Because if you want to check the data directly after connecting, the data is definitely still empty, it can’t be there right away.

After 2×24 hours, you can login to Search Console, select the domain you want to check the keywords for. Then go to the Search Traffic  >  Search Analytics menu  . Like the image below.

Display keyword analysis from the site I manage
Display keyword analysis from the site I manage

Sorry, it’s censored, if there aren’t too many valuable keywords that I share. Later there will be more competitors, hehe.


B. Using WhatsMySerp

Another way is to use the feature from . you just enter the domain of your website, select (or it’s up to you), then enter the keyword, and click the refresh button  . After some time, the results will appear.

The keywords are not censored :D

Please dioprek on the part that I circled in red above.

With the help of   this tool , you can also check the same keywords as your competitors. The trick is to fill in the competitor’s domain in the Competitions Domain section.

What If the Web Doesn’t Appear in WhatsMySerp?

Please note that WhatsMySerp only shows 300 search results or 30 pages (remember that every Google page displays 10 results).

If your website still doesn’t appear on WhatsMySerp, that means your website is in position 301 and above. There is still a lot of homework that you have to do so that keywords can quickly crawl up.

* * *

2. Evaluation of the Target  Referring Domain  (Backlink)

What we measure is referring domains (RD), you know, not backlinks (BL). Because RD is definitely BL while BL is not all considered RD. For more details, you can read the explanation  What is a Referring Domain?

The way to see how many RDs we already have is to use  Ahrefs .

Personally, I will only evaluate keyword rankings on Google after the RD reaches 100. So yes, it’s natural, for example, the RD is not 100 and the keyword is not on page 1. But if the RD is more than 100 and the keyword is still stuck on page 2 or 3 then there are variables others that must be evaluated (discussed in the following points).

Well, now it’s your turn. Based on your busy schedule, approximately how many RD do you want to target in 1 month? Just focus on each target.

If in 1 month you can only make 30 RD, then to get to 100 it will take at least 4 months. Only then will your SEO work show results.

Even then, keep in mind that the RD that you build, how is the quality? Does it meet the standards of quality backlinks? How many  contextual backlinks are there ?

3. What Has Been Sacrificed?

Good results or goals and dreams require dedication and sacrifice. Never expect satisfactory results if your sacrifice is mediocre.

There are at least  3 things  you need to sacrifice for SEO.

A. Time

How many hours per day or per week do you allocate to SEO activities? Such as keyword research, product research, writing quality content, building quality backlinks. And the consistency that you do to repeat routines in content production and backlink production.

If I am a  full time  in SEO.

My working hours are for SEO. Thank God I can handle many keywords at once, so that within 2 or 3 months there will also be several keywords that can immediately generate results.

Now you need to determine this for later evaluation every 1, 2, or 3 months.

B. Adding Insights to SEO

What you learn from Revorma is arguably only a piece of knowledge about SEO, even though I have tried my best to present learning material. You still have to read on other blogs, especially wong-English’s blogs  .

Of the many blogs that you can read, my initial advice is to read  Ahrefs’ blog  to the end. From that 1 source alone you will get lots of interesting insights related to SEO. Later from there you will find other useful blogs about SEO.

Allocate your time to read new insights. For me, I print some important material/content/articles about SEO   for me to read over and over again.

C. Consistency

Knowledge will have no benefit or result without charity. And charity will be stale without consistency.

After you learn various information about SEO, immediately make a  to do list  that is daily or weekly. I’m sure the  to-do list  will be the same way, especially in  content production  and  backlink production .

A wise man said, “I can lose knowledge, but I can’t lose diligent (consistent).”

If you can consistently produce content that is in accordance with the rules of keyword research and on-page SEO standards. It can also consistently produce backlinks with maintained quality standards. God willing, the results will never disappoint.


Sacrifice will not be in vain if there is knowledge.

4. Other Variables

This section is actually flexible. You can add whatever variables you want to evaluate yourself. It’s a good idea to use the SEO variables that you have learned in previous chapters as material for evaluation. Like these things:

  1. In 1 week how much content can you produce? Certainly content that is more than 1,000 words.
  2. Have the images been optimized to the maximum? There are  alt  and  title .
  3. Have you shared it on social media? How do readers respond? This will be related to  time on site  and the like.
  4. Is the optimization process better or at least close to the optimization process carried out by competitors?


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