How to Make Anchor Text, Fast and Easy

How to make anchor text is easy. I know there are many reasons and reasons why people make anchor text. I don’t really care what your goal is, because in this material I will only explain  how to do it .

I will explain it in  two parts  …

Creating Anchor Text Manually

It’s called manual, because we did it without the help of any tools, including the text tools in the CMS (Content Management System) that you use.

If you’re used to using WordPress, we don’t need to do this manually.

Well, to create  anchor text  manually, you don’t want to want to have to rush to learn HTML code even though it’s only a  simple script . Dikit really  mah , if you want to just create  anchor text .

I have shared the HTML code   at the beginning of this article.

<a href=""></a>

The <a> tag   indicates that you want to create a  link . While the href attribute   tells where the  link was  directed.

So, the  anchor text  above tells you that the  link  will point to  with the  text link

This is the result: .

In practice, yes, when you click   on the link above, you will go to  Revorma’s homepage .

It’s the  text link part that you have to change so that the  anchor text also changes, even though the destination URL is the same.

1 URL, many  anchor text .

I hope you understand  yes . More or less so.

TIPS : The use of HTML  links  ( hyperlinks ) is not limited to here. You can create  local linkslink colors , apply  target attributes  as needed, etc.

Don’t be confused, you can  google  or try to learn about this HTML  link  at  W3Schools .

How to Create Anchor Text Using  Block Text

For the second way this is the opposite of the fully-manual #1 method  . This second method uses the help of a  text editor  (possibly) in each CMS that you use.

Why I call it possible, because — to be honest — I’m less familiar with CMS other than WordPress. Apart from WP, what I hold most often is Blogspot, and in Blogspot itself there is also this block text option   to create  hyperlinks .

The method is as follows:

  1. First, type as usual the text you want to use as  anchor text . For example:  Revorma
  2. After that,  block the text  “Revorma” above
  3. Select the “chain” icon in the visual tab of  the  WordPress text editor . When you  hover  over the icon, an “Insert/edit link” will appear.
  4. Click and enter the URL that is the destination of your  anchor text  . For example:
  5. Then, click the enter icon   (angled arrow) to execute
  6. And, hyperlink creation is   complete. And with an anchor text  you specify. The good thing about this method is that you don’t need to know how complicated the HTML code is like in method #1.
  7. (Optional) You can add an additional _blank attribute   by clicking the gear icon when you enter the target URL. Just check it and the  link  you created will automatically open in a  new browser tab .

Anchor text is usually used for several purposes:

  • Create backlinks
  • Create internal links
  • Create custom menus
  • Etc

If you are in SEO, you have to be careful in making this anchor text, because if you don’t have a knowledge base, the results can be fatal, read  this super complete explanation of the chord text .