Keyword Research

KEYWORD RESEARCH  – Is an activity carried out to examine how good the quality of keywords. With which it will be a reference for you to make a decision whether you want to optimize (so that it is tamil on the first page of Google) or not.

Why Need Keyword Research?

So that what you do with these keywords (creating quality content and backlinks) is not in vain.

Yes, it made it to the first page, but the conversions were amazing (very minimal or no transaction-conversions).

So, you need certainty about how big the potential conversion/transaction is? The potential of this transaction can be known after keyword research is carried out.

Simple Ways of Keyword Research

The most accurate tool that can display search numbers is a tool made by Google itself, called Google Keyword Planner (GKP).

Despite the fact that sometimes there are numbers that do not match, but this is not a problem. The most important thing is the numbers that appear on the screen can be your main reference. Because there is no other reference that can display data as accurate as GKP.

No one knows more about the contents of the house than the owner of the house.

In this example I want to see how good the potential of the keyword “selling catfish seeds” is.

The steps are not difficult, after entering the GKP, do the following steps:

  1. Write the keyword in the column provided.
  2. Define target country.
  3. Select a language.
  4. Click “Get Ideas”.


After that you will be directed to a page that displays the average monthly searches ( Avg. monthly searches ).

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.20.28 PM

As I mentioned in  section 1  earlier regarding the numbers that appear  Avg. monthly searches . Is that number worth fighting for or not?

The answer lies in how much profit you can get from each transaction that occurs.

I will invite you to think a little more broadly through the following variables:

  1. 480 (in the image above) is the number per month.
  2. This means the number per day is 16.
  3. The potential for closing is 20% (the quality of visitors is very good because it comes from Google).
  4. On average there will be 3 closings per day.
  5. It turns out that you have the potential for  transactions to occur every day .
  6. Remember, these are catfish seeds, which in 1 transaction is not possible only to order in small quantities.

This business model will take you to unexpected points. There will be fortune that God will bring to you in turn.

The following are unexpected things that I often find, whether I feel it myself or stories from other people.

  1. Suddenly invited to cooperate by the government or companies in large numbers.
  2. Growing by word of mouth, person A who knows through online tells person B who doesn’t know the internet. It went viral, although slowly but surely.
  3. Suddenly there is a very large order that is not as usual.
  4. Coming to the dilemma, such as when you can’t serve requests because the numbers are too large, you don’t have the capacity there.

That’s how SEO begins with a mature keyword research process.

How to Know the Difficulty Level of a Keyword

Before deciding to optimize for certain keywords, you must first know how difficult it is to fight for positions for the intended keywords. From there it will be measured how big the struggles and challenges that must be passed to conquer  page one  (the first page of Google).

Here are the points you need to do to see keyword competition.

1. Install SEO Moz

With this addon or extension, you can see how well a site is performing in the eyes of Google. Please click here to install on  Chrome  or  Firefox .

After you install it, you will see Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

If the 10 search results that appear are more than 4 sites with a DA of more than 30 and a PA of more than 20, it means it’s pretty tight. The difficulty level is at the intermediate level.

2. Already Have Ads?

If there are ads in the SERP, especially until the slots are full, you don’t need to think further to conquer these keywords. Already  respectfully . Better look for other keywords.

The image below is an example of a super tight keyword. Get out of here right away!


3. Any Free Sites?

Free sites here mean,,,, etc. If there are still free sites, it means that the level of competition is still  very possible  for you to enter.

4. How Many Words From These Sites?

Just focus on the content that appears in rank 1, 2 and 3. Then you check the manual one by one and count how many words there are in the content using the Word Counter tool  . Is it more than 1,000 or not?

If it’s not more than 1,000, it means you still have a chance to enter. You just have to produce content with more words than them. And maximize the content you create with  an Onpage SEO strategy .


Actually there are still many ways to see whether a keyword is easy to conquer or not. But with the 4 variables above, God willing, it is enough.

At the Sintesa Islamic Boarding School,   we call the above technique  fast-scanning . If you want to enter more competitive keywords, you must do  in-depth scanning . You can learn more seriously about this in-depth-scanning at  Revorma Premium .

Time for Competitor Research

After figuring out how good a keyword is, the next step before creating content is to see how many and how strongly people are targeting keywords similar to the ones you (want to) target.

The easiest indicator to see the competition on the first page is to open the  SERP . Just type the keyword on the Google page, in this case, still use the keyword ” selling catfish seeds “.

Here are the results.

Search Engine Result(s) Page

From the  screenshot  above, here is the explanation:

  1. When the first page is still dominated by,,, and, it means that the level of competition is still easy.
  2. When (at least) there are 5 websites with Domain Authority (DA) above 20, then it is quite heavy. More of it the fiercer it is. (read:  Understanding Domain Authority and Page Authority )

The conclusion that I got, for the keyword  selling catfish seeds  is still  very easy  to conquer because there are 5 networking websites (,,, and

Plus the rest of the web optimization process is not maximized, because the average DA is still below 20.

Let’s try to find out other keywords that have a lot of players and optimize the SEO process. Let’s see how the conditions of competition for the keyword ” catering jakarta “.

blah blah

Well, there is absolutely no web network. Everything is web TLD ( Top Level Domain ), and everything is optimized. Based on the data above, here are the results:

  1. There are 3 websites with DA above 20, and there are 7 websites with PA above 20.
  2. There is no single web network.

This competition is quite fierce if we look at the first page of Google. Nice, yes, but the question is, can we go in and conquer these keywords and beat other websites that are already on the first page?

Inshallah  can ! With the help of the tool, we can peek at the strength of competitors’ backlinks. The purpose of peeking at the strength of competitors’ backlinks, of course, is so that we can have an idea of ​​what kind of backlinks we should make so that we can surpass the strength of competitors’ backlinks.

For example, a competitor has a value of 7, then we should be better off by having a value of 8. The simple analogy is like that.

Peeking Backlinks

After knowing a brief overview of how the competitive conditions for a keyword are, we will check how good the backlinks made by each website on the first page are.

For backlink peeking problems, I like  Ahrefs the most . I think the backlink data that Ahrefs displays is quite accurate. Of the 10 search results, in this example I only take those ranked 1, 2, and 3 (usually I see up to 5 highest rankings), namely;


For ranking 1 web, I skipped it because after I checked I found the following facts:

  • Backlinks for that page are  only 2 .
  • Directory site and food ordering ( delivery ).

Practically berrykitchen is not a competitor, but I also can’t explain how this site can appear as an initial ranking. Even though the content is  very thin  (weak and tends to be bad), irrelevant keywords, backlinks don’t make sense (very few).

In practice you will find things like this. Sometimes, there are numbers and data that appear but cannot be read using scientific logic. Because indeed we never know what really happened inside Google, what we read is the data recorded in the Ahrefs database (while more complete data is on Google).

There is no other choice but to  skip .

UPDATE : Sure enough, when I updated this material, the berrykitchen website was no longer on the first page of Google. Because almost all elements of SEO are weak.

And the following is the acquisition of backlinks owned by backlink data on Ahrefs

After checking, it turns out that it is still very possible to shift the position of the website, namely by increasing the number of quality backlinks directed to your website.

It can be concluded because the types of backlinks owned by still use spam techniques  . Its characteristics are as follows:

  1. Backlinks are on a page that also contains hundreds or even thousands of other links, which are also used by   other optimizers .
  2. Backlinks are dominated by foreign language websites.
  3. Backlink patterns are built using the same sentence or content.

Examples of backlinks in the spamming genre.

This website has a total of 5000 active backlinks and   300 referring domains . Which in general is still dominated by spammy techniques  . But managed to appear on the first page of Google.

What does it mean? It is still very possible to shift to using cleaner ways in the link building process  .

UPDATE : Currently is ranked 1. In other words, the keyword  jakarta catering is  still very possible for you to conquer.


Competitor research is conducted to find out how tough the competition is, and what competitors have done to get to page 1.

With data owned by competitors such as domain authority, quality of backlinks, quantity of backlinks, including the quality of website appearance to website access speed, we can conclude whether to conquer these keywords or not.

If it has been decided that you want to conquer, what strategy will be used, what kind of backlinks you want to create, and other things that can support the acceleration of the optimization process.