The Basic Structure of a HTML Template

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Welcome, at this meeting I will thoroughly discuss the understanding and uses of the blog template structure such as header, head, title, skin, body, footer, and html.

And God willing, in the future I will help you all in learning coding such as CSS, HTML and Javascript, here we are both learning and sharing because I am also still learning to be a better person in the future. OK, let’s get started.

Some Tag Structures in HTML5


The first one is arguably the head of the blog because the header is located at the very top of the blog which is usually filled with the blog title and navigation.


can be interpreted as the brain of the blog, where the head section contains a lot of SEO structures ranging from keyword tags, descriptions, Facebook open graph, twitter cards, titles, meta tags, etc. and can be called a website that will not be useful if there is no head.


is the title of the blog that is usually seen on the top left of the blog, usually this <Title> is inside the <Head> tag.


from the name we can mean that the skin is the appearance of a blog or can be called the face of a blog, usually to beautify the appearance of your blog you can use <b:skin> as an opening and </b:skin> as a <style> tag as an opening and < /style> as closing.


from the word alone it can be interpreted that the body is the body of the blog that contains such as the homepage and post pages or more easily the body is the middle part of the template.


is the bottom of the template or can be called the foot of the blog, usually the footer contains static pages such as about, contact, sitemap, etc.


the latter is the foundation of a blog, this html includes all tags, from the head, title, body, to the footer

For more details, see the arrangement below.



I think with the brief explanation above you can understand a little about the structure in the blog template, especially the blogger platform, if you have any questions or tutorial requests, please comment below.

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