What Is PBN? / Private Blog Network. Functions And Benefits For SEO

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What Is PBN?

What is PBN? PBN stands for Private Blog Network. This is actually the same as an ordinary web / blog. It’s just that, it was built with a special function. Namely as a source of backlinks for the main website.

Indeed, PBN is a trend among SEO practitioners and publishers. This is considered as one practical step, to build quality backlinks.

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In this article, I don’t discuss what backlinks are for. If you get to this page, I assume you already know about it. However, to deepen understanding, you can read; Off page SEO techniques . This is very closely related to the practice of building backlinks.

What Is PBN?

Yes, if you are on this page, at least have you heard about PBN.

The idea of ​​PBN actually started where, one of the parameters of the search engine algorithm in determining website rankings was backlinks.

Yes .. the key word is backlink! And … This is what then makes, SEO players rack their brains on how to build backlinks, on websites. Practical way of course ..

PBN is a Private Blog Network. To put it simply, PBN is just a collection of blogs created on purpose. For the purpose of building backlinks to the money site . Or business web. Or the web that is used to make money. Such as online stores, services, or blogs that play adsen.

In short, a PBN is a practical step for manipulating the algorithms of search engines, such as Google. To then boost the website ranking to be on page one search.

Are PBNs Good For Websites?

Good … If not caught! But clearly, this violates Google’s guidelines. So be careful ..

Let me tell you, that; any kind of link building is against google guidelines. That is, there is a clear risk.

Even if you consciously build any type of link, like a guest post, for example. Links like this are considered Google guidelines.

Why Isn’t It True?

They generate billions of revenue from Google Ads, but when you rank for the desired keywords. The one you like. And get free traffic (organic traffic), using SEO, then what are the benefits for Google?

Hohoo, Google obviously doesn’t like that …

You may have heard of private blog networks (PBNs) before, but you may not be sure what they are. Or why is this method used.

PBN is a network of websites that are used to build links (and therefore provide authority) to a single website.

This scheme is similar to the pyramid backlink technique. Because it involves several different websites. All of them are linked and lead to one main website.

that is; Web optimized and expected to be on page one of Google.

Meanwhile, this type of scheme, in general use many years ago.

PBN is now considered a fraudulent technique. And it must be avoided at all costs. Because it can lead to a loss of rank, or even a penalty (manual action).

PBNs typically, provide little or no long-term value to the websites they link to.

Google has long been battling PBNs! And businesses that get caught up in this tactic have been set an example for years.

One of the most phenomenal cases is JC Penney’s link scheme which was reopened in 2011 by The New York Times. When Google got smarter. And developing better technology to combat spam link techniques. It becomes increasingly difficult for fraudulent SEOs to successfully use PBNs.

Still Want To Play PBN? Take A Deep Breath, Then Think About This

Before starting to build your PBN, it makes sense to first take a step back. And see your goal in building it.

PBNs are time consuming and expensive to create. So we want to make sure, you plan it right, before you start. Think again ..

Remember – failing to plan means failing! Don’t you agree?

Still insistent? Okay, if you’re stubborn, hohoho ..

Let’s play…

How To Build A State Budget

Here are a few things to plan, before you embark on this long and extraordinary journey.

The way to build a PBN is; careful planning.

  • Plan how many PBN backlinks you need to create
  • Plan how much PBN it will cost you
  • Plan how you will structure your PBN network
  • Plan a link that will be directed to your business website.
  • Plan to manage things efficiently
  • Plan how many PBN Links you need to rank

There is no definite answer to this question. The number of links you need to rank depends on how competitive your business opportunity is, is your SEO On Page perfect? And what level of domain authority does your business site already have?

As a rule of thumb, 10 PBN backlinks , will help you rank easily for moderately competitive keywords.

So, plan! At least for building this many sites.

Plan The Cost Of Making PBN

Building a PBN is not easy! And definitely not cheap.

There are three costs to create a PBN

  • Domain fee
  • Hosting fees
  • Content costs.

The true value of a PBN link, is based on the backlinks the domain has.

And because of that, you will be spending as much money as possible on buying a domain. Which of course, has a history of healthy backlinks.

A qualified domain broker, can cost you anywhere from $ 80 to $ 500 . ( Note: really good domains could be a lot more ).

If this is your first PBN, we recommend that you stay in the $ 100 / domain range. As you gain more experience, you may decide to spend more. And buy a more expensive domain.

Hosting is an ongoing cost. And we don’t think you have to pay more than $ 15 to $ 20 per year for each website.

Content tends to be expensive. Because, you want to make sure it’s good quality content.

Articles with around 500 words, will cost about $ 5. You can create a PBN with about 5 articles. And then adding new articles, every two months.

Estimated Cost Of Building A PBN

  • Cost of one website = $ 100 (for domain) + $ 50 (for 5 articles) = $ 150 (issued one time at the start)
  • Annual fee for one website = $ 30 (for 6 articles) + $ 20 (for hosting) = $ 50 / year
  • Total costs for 10 PBN = $ 1500 one-time & $ 500 / current year.

Remember, as you add more websites to your network, and start making money, you have to start adding more expensive domains, to make it more powerful.

Structured PBN Management

Your network structure will depend on; are you promoting

  1. One single business site
  2. Several money sites in the same nihce
  3. Several money sites in different niches.

If you were an entrepreneur, you would fall into the (1) or (2) category.

Namely you have one business site that you want to rank for. Or have many different money sites at the same opportunity. And you want, everything is ranked.

In this case, your network will be simple. All of your PBN domains will be on the same network. And will be completely, independently of each other.

What is PBN? Plan How to Build a Structured PBN Backlink

If you are a marketing agent, you will most likely fall into category (3). Ie you have many clients, who have money sites at different opportunities.

And you want to create a PBN, to rank all of your client sites.

You have to create Master Networks. For top level opportunities that your clients target.

For example, as shown in the image below, you can place all of your websites, which target Health & Fitness into one “ Healt & Fitness Master Network ”. Also, all sites in nihce Technology, can be included in the ” Technology Master Network “.

You can then link from each of these master networks, to your individual clients.

What is PBN Backlink

Generic clients, can get links via the websites of these two master networks, while niche specific clients, get links from specific Masters networks.

2 Main Benefits Of Creating A Master PBN Network

  1. This protects your master network from one another. If one master network is discovered by Google, and is subject to manual action / penalty / deindex penalty, then the other networks, are not affected.
  2. You can share links, between multiple networks, wherever applicable to client websites that are not in a particular nihce or are in multiple niches.

Techniques To Create PBN Backlinks For Your Business Website

The question that often arises is ” When should I start creating PBN backlinks to my newly created money site “.

The answer is – only when it is natural to do so. This means that if you have a new money site, which has no links from other means, such as outreach or guest posting, then you shouldn’t start sending PBN links to this site just yet.

PBN backlinks are the best type of link juice . What your money site will get. The reason is; You are in full control of the ‘anchor text’ and link equity via PBN backlinks.

Therefore, we recommend that you use PBN backlinks very strategically.

If your money site already has backlinks from multiple sources, and the anchor text of the links varies, then this is the best time to drive PBN backlinks with specific anchor text to your money site.

The reason is, it ensures that; money site already has backlinks. So that, when you flow a PBN link with a specific anchor text, the anchor text density for that phrase is seen naturally.


PBN backlinks

If you have and want to rate ” buy bitcoin “, adding more links with anchor text, this will not work very well for you, as 16.67% is quite high.

It would be better for you, to wait and add another link, which lowers this percentage. And then, add your PBN Link.

You must combine your PBN link, with all other links, on your network. So you can avoid impressing your site with manual actions.

Many PBN owners don’t plan for this. They add a PBN link and then pray that their business site doesn’t go through a manual link review.

Then, when they got caught, they swore a PBN! And give up for good!

Arrange Efficient PBN Techniques

As you may know by now, creating and managing PBNs is a time-consuming process. Time that should have been spent elsewhere.

Therefore, you are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). To carry out your strategy steps.

But – don’t hire a VA, until you’ve created the first two websites yourself.

Why two sites?

Now, when you create your first site, you will do it the first time. And will likely mess things up.

When you do it the second time, you will be able to write down the whole process, into a word document. And make relevant excel sheets. Which you can then send to the VA to create the remaining sites.

You have to make sure that; the document is as complete as possible. To ensure that, the VA doesn’t leave footprints behind.

You can check out templates that other PBN creators have created, online. However, I highly recommend you to use it, just for inspiration. And create your own process documentation.

It would be much easier to verify that, the VA has done things right. If you make the checklist document yourself.

Yes… I know that creating and managing a PBN is hard work. I never said it would be easy.

If you want to dominate the SERPs, you need to understand and work on them.

How To Create Backlinks Without Leaving A Trace

Hosting is the least favorite part of creating a PBN.

Yes … unlike the other comfortable parts …

But, you see what I mean. PBNers hate it! Must think about hosting. And even more hate having to pay hosting fees. Hohoho…

However, mistakes in hosting decisions! You can literally kill your PBN. They are the largest source of footprints. Available for search engines and algorithms to find out.

And do a massive deindexation of your PBNs .

So, this is something that you really have to be careful about.

Many PBNers leave an Enterprise-size footprint on their PBNs. And then let out a hissing sound .. When their PBN was indexed. Hohoo .. again ..

Let’s make sure this isn’t you!


For starters; Don’t use a service that claims to specialize in PBN hosting.

Especially the one marketing himself with it. If you have found this service, rest assured, that a Google employee, will find it, before you. Hmm ..

Trivial for Google, to spend a few $$$$. And snooping on accounts on such hosts, to get a list of all IP ranges for this host. Then start mass de-indexation . ( Those who have been hit by this case, may cry now )

PBN Hosting Types

Now, let’s discuss what types of hosting you can use for PBNs.

  • Virtual Private Server
  • Common Web Host
  • Hosts of forums such as Webhostingtalk
  • Cloud Hosting – Amazon S3 with Route 53 & Google Cloud
  • Virtual Private Server

This is my favorite option. Because you don’t need to share your IP address with any other website. And these high quality providers, have millions of high quality websites on their servers.

However, you will need to have some technical chops to be able to manage VPS hosting.

However, it’s quite easy, you can simply search the tutorial on how to set up WordPress for a low-end VPS.

Recently, there was a price war! Between high quality providers such as Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr.

The result is, that; Vultr is now selling 512 MB of RAM VPS, for just $ 30 / year. OVH sells a 2GB RAM VPS for $ 45 / year. Yummy …

Apart from this provider, you can choose another VPS provider option, which provides cheaper hosting.

You can check sites like lowendbox.com, vpsboard.com, and lowendstock.com, to find providers that sell VPS for $ 12 to $ 15 per year.

Make sure the provider, has been in business for several years.

Many providers went bankrupt and closed their servers. Or sell their customers to other providers.

Common Web Host

This is the simplest option, for those who don’t want to deal with VPS setups.

You can use common web hosts like HostGator, Bluehost, HostMonster, GoDaddy etc.

The only problem with these web hosts is that they are difficult to manage and they tend to be more expensive than other options. However, it’s a good idea to have some of your PBN setup with these hosts.

Hosts Of Forums Such As Webhostingtalk

You can also find cheap hosting by visiting forums such as webhostingtalk.com.

However, I recommend that you try and stick with a high-quality VPS, if possible.

Cloud Hosting

– Amazon S3 with Route 53 & Google Cloud

With the advent of cloud hosting, you can now host static websites such as on Amazon S3 and Google Cloud.

I have no personal experience with Google Cloud, but once with Amazon S3.

You can set up a static website, for only $ 6 / year. Amazon has a simple tutorial, about setting up a static website on S3 using Route 53.

Eliminates Traces Of PBN

Now that you have decided on a hosting option. Let’s see, how to make sure you don’t leave a trace.

I’m not going to cover all of the common footprints you already know.

These are footprints that most people don’t talk about. These are the footprints that will lead to mass de-indexation. And got more people writing blog posts, vowing never to approach PBNs again.

Block Crawlers (using robots.txt or other means) – You will find many websites that tell you to block crawlers like Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs from crawling your website.

So that your PBN link, does not appear on these sites.

At first glance, this sounds like a smart thing. But, now put yourself in Google’s shoes. Do regular sites block these crawlers specifically? What sites are blocking this crawler?

The answer is, Only who has something to hide?

How easy is it to find such a site? The answer is; It’s trivial. ( want hohoho again )

Even if you don’t use robots.txt. And doing this via .htaccess or using a WordPress plugin, if Google really wants to find all PBN sites, all it has to do is, crawl your website using a different User Agent.

They’ve done this, to find content in disguise

The subtle language, your website, is actually naked in front of Google. Hohhoho….

If you set up your PBN properly, then no manual reviewer will be able to see a link to your website. Nobody knew that, it came from the PBN.

The PBN should look and function like a real website.

Hence, don’t block any crawlers. Let your competitors see all the backlinks you have.

If you’ve done your job right they won’t know which link is a PBN link.

Using Cloudflare To Hide IP

Many PBNers, started using Cloudflare to mask their real IP. The reason for doing this is, that they don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up separate hosting for each PBN.

So the solution is simple – set up all your PBNs on one IP address (or Subnet), and then use Cloudflare to mask the real IPs.

Unfortunately, this false sense of security will come back to bite many lazy PBNers.

Cloudflare is known to leak the real IP. In fact, there is a website called CrimeFlare that can show you the real IP of your website.

They also allow you, to download their entire database. Don’t believe me – go ahead and check it for yourself!

Domain For PBN

There is one thing you should know.

The entire value of the PBN network comes from the quality of the backlinks the domains have on the network.

All values…. not 80% … not 90% … but 100% overall

The reason I want to encourage this point, is that; many customers try to lower their PBN costs. By trying to buy cheap domains.

If you really need to lower your PBN costs, you’d be better off trying to save money on content than from domains.

Great content on a crappy domain! Gets you nothing… Great content on lots of crappy domains… It’s useless! ..

Anjay …

What To Look For When Purchasing A PBN Domain

You must buy a spam free domain! Have high quality backlinks from websites that are in the same niche as your money site.

If your money site is in health nihce, then you should buy PBN domains that have backlinks from high authority sites in the health niche.

You should also check the number of backlinks and their source. Like a unique C class IP address.

We recommend using Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs to see all the backlink sources a domain has.

To check the niche the backlink is coming from, we recommend checking the Topical Trust Flow category ( Majestic metric ) for the domain.

You can view the full list of topical categories and levels of quality (trust) here.

Metrics are a good way to quickly find out if a backlink has value. Or not.

This lets you filter from a list of thousands of domains.

However, you should always check backlinks to domains, manually. Before you buy it. This is the most important step in purchasing a PBN domain.

You also want to make sure that, the domain, has no spammy backlinks and has never been used for a PBN.

Here is a tutorial showing you how to quickly check domain backlinks.

You should also look at the domain history using the Internet Archive ( Wayback Machine ) and Screenshot.com. If you come across a strange foreign language site in the history of the domain, or it looks like it, a spam site or PBN site, it is best that you ignore it.

Finally, check whether the domain is indexed or not.

If you bought this domain from an auction, and it’s not indexed, it means the domain is penalized. Domains that are pending are removed, or have expired, are removed from Google’s index. So, this check won’t work for them.

An easy way to check if a domain is indexed by Google is to run a simple Google search for ” site: domain.com “.

If no results appear, the domain has not been indexed. See screenshot below to check the same for our website garuda.website.

What To Look For When Buying A PBN Domain

Where To Buy PBN Domains

There are 5 ways to buy a good domain for your PBN

  • Buy from a domain broker
  • Buy from domain auctions
  • Backordering Pending Delete domains
  • Manually search for dropped domains
  • An archive list of dropped domains
  • Using expired domains crawler

Buy A Domain From A Broker

This is the preferred option, if you are creating your first PBN. Evaluating and purchasing a domain from an auction (or an expired domain), takes a lot of time and skill in checking backlinks.

So you have to buy the first 2 to 3 PBN domains from the broker.

You can find brokers on various forums. Like BlackHatWorld and WickedFire.

Be careful, because you might run into some scammers.

Of course, do your due diligence, before making a purchase.

These forums have official sales threads.

Buy From Domain Auctions

Domains with the best backlinks, always find their way into the domain auction. GoDaddy Auctions, is currently the best place to find high-quality domains.

However, now there are several other auction sites like NameJet, SnapNames, Dynadot, Flippa, DomCop, etc.

One tip on buying from domain auctions is that when you bid on a domain, it attracts other bidders.

This causes the average price of domains in the auction to go up. This benefits the auction site, but makes it harder for you to find good domains at low prices.

One trick is, by only bidding on the domain, when there are only a few minutes left.

This ensures that your bid doesn’t attract too many other bidders. And get the opportunity to buy a domain at a low price.

Backordering Pending Delete Domains

Your best bet for buying an expired domain is to reorder it before it expires. Domains that will be dropping expire in a “Pending Delete” status, 5 days before dropping (see domain lifecycle below)

Backordering Pending Delete Domains

These domains can be found in the “Expiring” section of DomCop.

If the domain is of value, we recommend that you place multiple backorders with different sites. Like NameJet & SnapNames.

Since you only pay, if they capture the domain for you, you can reorder with multiple sites. And let them compete with each other.

A reorder, costs around $ 69, although each site is priced differently.

Manually Search For Dropped Domains

We don’t recommend that you do this. The only reason to have this list of options here is to highlight it.

Many domain seekers, try to save $ 69 in domain reorder costs by trying to catch the dropped domains themselves, either by using drop catching software or by registering them manually.

If the domain is of any value, the reorder service will definitely try and catch it.

This reorder service, has several direct channels to the domain registry. And therefore, it cannot be beaten in the drop catching game by individuals.

An Archive List Of Dropped Domains

Some valuable domains are overlooked by the reorder service. This could be because Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs, don’t show high metrics for it, although their backlinks are good. Or it could just be human error.

Around 200,000 domains drop each day, so there’s a good chance you could find some rough diamonds in mud.

At DomCop, you can see Archive of dropped domains with fairly accurate metrics. This is a domain that has dropped in the last two years, but is still available for purchase.

Using Expired Domains Crawler

There are several expired domain crawlers, I’m experienced at DomCop.

The crawler is a useful tool, if you are a domain broker. Or want to make a big PBN.

An expired domain crawler, crawls all the pages of the authority website you specify. It finds all backlinks from this website. And check if the domain designated this link is available for registration.

Using the Expired Domains Crawler

When the domain is available for registration, the crawler gets metrics from Moz, Majestic and other sites. And serve those domain metrics to users.

These expired domains can be purchased from any registrar of your choice. And, you only pay the default registration fee for that domain.

For more information on how the crawler works, see the tutorial on using an expired domain crawler .

PBN Domain Important Metrics

Ah, another metric question! Most feel overwhelmed. Because it has so many metrics to look at.

They don’t know whether to look at Domain Authority, or Trust Flow, or Moz Rating, or SEMrush Rating, or Estibot rating or….

All that can be said is …

Metrics are useful to help you filter from a list of 200,000 expired domains to a list of 20 expired domains.

This saves a lot of time. However, that’s where usefulness usually ends.

You must – must – check the backlinks of a domain before you buy it. There are no shortcuts here.

The main metric to check is, measuring the spamminess of the domain you are about to buy.

For PBN domains, the minimum TF / CF ratio is as close as possible to 1 (and higher). Domains with fake backlinks tend to have a TF / CF ratio <0.8. So you have to stay away from them.

Another metric for checking Spam is the Moz Spam Score. The lower the better.

The only metric, which I find really useful is, the Tropical Trust Majestic category. This tells you the niche of the domain that has backlinks.

This article, however, does not encourage you to build a PBN. More for insight. And answer what is PBN?

But if you stick with it, hopefully helping you get started buying your first PBN domain. Oom Google, know you’re reading this … Hohoho …

Do not panic! If this is taking longer than you think. Or if you can’t find a good domain to start with. Start your PBN with a “good enough” domain.

You can always add more great domains to your PBN later.


Regarding what PBN is, there are some common questions that are often asked. And here is a summary of the answers;

What is PBN?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. This is a term to describe a blog / site created specifically for the purpose of building backlinks.

What are the benefits of PBN?

It has been answered above. The benefits of PBN are to juice backlinks on the main website. And this is talking about the Off Page SEO strategy. The next question, what is the backlink function? You can read here; What is a backlink .

PBN is useful for SEO. To increase domain authority and more.

Are PBN backlinks dangerous for SEO?

Yes .. very dangerous if caught. If when you build a blog / website and plant backlinks in PBN, it leaves a trail that Google’s algorithm can know. Your rank has decreased. Your PBN may also be penalized or deindexed.

How to get PBN backlinks?

You create your own PBN whose steps have been explained in this post. Or you can use a PBN backlink service provider. There are many who provide it out there. Just search on Google.

Or, visit a special page: PBN Backlink Services for professional services. These are high quality PBN backlinks that are well managed. What I usually use for client website optimization.

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